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From Antelope Canyon to Lake Powell

5 Oct

In an effort to cherish the finals days of summer, I visited Page, AZ a couple of weeks ago, which is the home to Lake Powell, the Navajo Reservation and Antelope Canyon. It was a weekend of relaxation, bliss and cultural enlightenment (I went to a Navajo wedding). It was only a five to six hour drive from Provo, UT, which is an ideal weekend getaway.

The warm sun was a welcome friend and the culture is friendly. Little fact: Antelope Canyon has hosted a large amount of professional photographers, celebrities, and models.

I recommend it to anyone who is tired of Las Vegas, St. George, and the other typical local weekend escapes from life.

[The above slideshow was a multimedia arts & entertainment project for The Daily Universe’s website.]


Walking through the Rain: Day 4

29 Apr

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I went to work. I typed up a calendar all day. Went for a donut run (Dunkin Donuts, of course) and got caught in the rain. and sat drying.

I finished my work a little early, and since the other interns wouldn’t be home for several hours, i went and explored on my own.

I am beginning to feel like a natural and New Yorker. I put on my khaki raincoat and set our for Central Park. I got off at 72 St. and walked a couple blocks over to the park. How can anyone not love spring? (Yes, it rains and it gets muddy, though the city could use a good wash) But the flowers everywhere are so lovely! All colors of tulips fill the flowerbeds around the city. The same goes for Central Park. I almost felt like I was outdoors, out of the city. And then you hear the sirens and it brings you back. It was refreshing. If I lived closer, I would walk or sit in the park every day. I eventually made my way by Trump Tower and Columbia Circle. At this point I got a hankering for some dinner. (I don’t really eat lunch here.)

Olympic Pita. Courtesy of Serious Eats.

I’ve been craving a real falafel since I left Jerusalem, so that’s what I searched for. Luckily, I found a website that ranked the top 10 falafel sandwiches in the city! I didn’t go to the top restaurant. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. So, I hopped down to 58 West 38th St to Olympic Pita.

It was one of the most authentic ones I have eaten since returning to the U.S. The falafel itself was a little dry (Which the review said) but they included fries! and the hot sauce gave it a similar spice to my favorite 7 shekel stand in Jerusalem. I also ordered some baklava, which was very tasty.

After getting my food to go, I headed back to 125 St and ran into Maria on the way home. Tiffany and I are hoping to plan some relaxing yet exciting things to do this weekend. I cannot wait to see what we end up doing.

Here are some activities I plan on checking off my list before I leave:

Gotta catch em all…the subway

28 Apr
REAR WINDOW: The view of the park and river from my room in NYC,  500 Riverside Dr.
Grand Central Station
Divine Comedy’s Matt Meese and Jason perform their
popular Shoulder Angel skit at the People Improv’s
Theatre Tuesday.


All the places Tiffany and I visited: 

  • The Bronx via the 1 Train.
  • Riverdale Press
  • Target
  • I-House
  • Union Square
  • Pizza Joint
  • Flower stand
  • Grand Central Station
  • Meredith Corp
  • Times Square (briefly)
  • People’s Improv Theatre (24th St)

One of my favorite parts of the day was being able to go support BYU’s Divine Comedy group at the People’s Improv Theatre while they were performing with the Harvard Sailing Team in NYC. While I had already seen all the skits they performed (and know them by heart. Yes, I am their No. 3 fan!), it was such a cool experience for some hilarious, clean comedy. And yes, I still love Matt Meese…

Tales of Working in the Bronx:First Day Jitters

27 Apr
The Riverdale Press is located off Broadway in the west side of the Bronx.

DAY 3: 

I have successfully made my way through NYC for three days now. I began my internship at the Riverdale Press this morning at a bright and early 11:45 a.m. They are a weekly paper, and it is printed on Wednesdays (hence the late arrivals). 

There is a small in-house staff of 15 people or less. Ther are … drum roll … four reporters. It amazes me. They crank out around four stories each week to fill the paper along with columns, briefs, etc. I think that’s amazing. 

Luckily, they found a desk for me to work in. I am currently working on putting together next week’s “What’s up,” which is essentially a calendar of local events. 

The Riverdale Press is a small, community newspaper. Yes, I know it seems odd that I would travel all the way to New York to work at a small paper when I have job opportunities at larger newspapers in Utah. BUT New York news is different. The police beat doesn’t cover fake cougar sightings, water balloon attacks or other pranking. ( I love BYU’s police beat, truly.) And while working at a huge, upscale national magazine would be awesome (and I would love to do that) this experience is just that: experience in the real world. 

I miss designing already. I can’t wait to design for The Press.

Designing is my passion now. I hope I can perhaps do some things with my internship before I leave at the end of the term. 

Tonight I’m off to enjoy takeout with Maria and Institute at the Lincoln Center Building. 

And I continue to search for a fan…or air source of some sort. I need a hardware store. I’m open to suggestions.


The Shake Shack is a popular ice cream & burger joint.

Tonight I attended institute in the Lincoln Center Building which also houses the LDS temple in NYC. It was wonderful to be able to sit and discuss the scriptures after working all day. The teacher was enthusiastic and funny. I was so glad Maria encouraged me to go. I was able to get some other girls from the program to attend as well. Afterwards, we went out for dessert at the Shake Shack off 77th with Jim, a guy we met at institute.

A perfect ending to an odd day.

I am lost: Day 1

26 Apr

Day 1 proved to be more overwhelming than I could possibly have imagined. New York is huge. And the subways are an awful maze. I hope I can learn the system in the next couple weeks. Luckily, a longtime best friend, Maria Alexia, was able to guide me and Tiffany (my travel buddy in the same program) around the city with our enormous suitcases. While I really do need the contents of these suitcases, I do not think I will return with both. Perhaps I will just … ship them. 

After arriving into JFK early, we sat on the tarmac for a good 30 minutes while the airport sought a way to get us to the actual terminal without being docked at a gate. Then we had to walk one terminal over to find our luggage. And maneuver the air train to the subway station. Holy moly. 

The I-House (Columbia’s International House) off 125th Street is really lovely. I had heard that it could be dirty and not that great. But I have no idea what those people were talking about. Yes, my room is quite warm. (Why do they think they don’t need air conditioning?) I’ll post pictures later of the I-House and my quaint room.

As soon as we dropped off our bags at our new home, we hurried to the Harlem Church building for FHE. (Maria is a co-chair.) We passed the Apollo on the way to the building. I can’t wait to go to an amateur night. Tiffany and I stopped at Sylvia’s Soul Food for dinner since we both had only eaten breakfast (and it was 8 p.m.) 

Sylvia’s is a popular restaurant in Harlem serving their famous chicken and waffles. It was delicious. Because we stopped for food, we missed most of fhe, but we did get the chance to meet several people in the ward. 

Well Toto, we’re not in Utah anymore. New York couldn’t be more different. I hope I will love it here. And the Bronx.
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