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The Mystery of Mission Statements

26 May

Mission statements. It’s a set of standards(?) made up at the start of a company or endeavor. I have heard some companies require employees to memorize and know the mission statement. Does this affect daily work output or increase the quality of a product or service? Just curious. I haven’t done any research on it. Who made the first mission statement? (I tried googling it without success.) It was a little difficult to dig this one up, because The Press began nearly 60 years go. I love that there is a tiny glimpse of hope for small newspapers. Hyper-local coverage is what differentiates them from all other news sources.

Here is a organizational chart outlining The Riverdale Press. It was required for my internship class. This is my attempt to apply creativity to the assignment. New goal: apply creativity to everything! School work, job work, life, callings, chores, whatever you can think of. (And now I’m off to find inspiration!)

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