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BYU's Daily Universe: Wave of emotion

3 May
My article on the celebrations at Ground Zero Sunday night was published in BYU’s student paper The Daily Universe today.

Check out this link to read my full article featured in The Daily Universe today or visit universe.byu.edu or newsnet.byu.edu/pdf.


Osama got Jimmered?

2 May
This sits above University Pkwy in Provo, Ut, “Osama Got Jimmered” referring to BYU’s star basketball athlete Jimmer Fredette. Photo courtesy of Ryan Hill.

So apparently this is how Provo, UT is celebrating the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. 

VIDEO: Singing at Ground Zero Sunday night

2 May
Sorry for the poor quality. Used my iphone4 in the moving crowd.

Ground zero the center of NYC celebrations

2 May
People crowded in the streets near ground zero in the early morning hours after President Obama confirmed the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden.

After a long and busy weekend, the news of Osama bin Laden’s death swarmed around NYC as we all tuned in to hear the words of President Obama. The press conference did not occur until midnight approached. 

More than nine years later, the United States has brought bin Laden to justice for his heinous crimes against the thousands of Americans who were innocently slaughtered in the attacks of 9/11. 

My trip to ground zero last night was a long and memorable one. Arriving after 12:30 a.m. the streets surrounding the memorial were swelling with people, flags and news agencies. The crowds chanted “U.S.A.,” “Osama, hey hey hey, goodbye” and lines from the “Star Spangled Banner.” 

Men climbed up the traffic light poles and anything that could give them a view of the patriotic scene. President Obama spoke of another uniting of the American people and this congregation after his announcement was just that: a uniting of New Yorkers supporting the truths and principles this nation was founded upon: justice and freedom, and remembering their friends and family who had fallen. 

While the scene seemed to be unruly at times and barring on disrespectful (chants of “F#$% Osama”) it was overall a grand gesture of America’s feelings: joy, pride, relief and some fear.
American flags are selling out all over the city. 

Today, the NYPD has upped their security in every part of the city: Grand Central, Times Square, ground zero, the subway system and airports. The thought did cross our minds as we rushed to ground zero last night: will there be rogue retaliation for bin Laden’s death? Will we be able to prevent it? 

Every news agency is covering this frantically. Fox New’s big bumble last night was comical. (Their website banner completely misspelled Osama bin Laden’s name and every other word in their headline.) The New York Daily News did not let this opportunity pass them by (they never do). Their headline is being called the most flashy/forward in the world. Check out this link to see the cover.

I was surprised at the small number of interns who decided to go to out and see the news. 

I am a journalist. To me, that means going where the news is. Being a part of historical moments and communicating what happened. I have such unique opportunities here and must take advantage of them. Otherwise, why leave Utah and the BYU bubble?

I encourage everyone to reflect and remember 9/11 today and how it has changed us and our country. 

(This post is not a criticism nor intended to be a comment on other’s weaknesses. It is an observation of the events which is followed by my definition or purpose of my career choice.)

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