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Another Poem

12 Dec

I understand why Jesus wept

For all the sins I have kept.
The times when I did go astray.
Insisting that I alone could pay,
A heaping sum of spiritual debt.
I understand why Jesus wept.

He loved you and me up to his death.
He loved through pains of nail and thorn.
He loves us still, even those who scorn.
Tears for us left his cheeks wet–
I understand why Jesus wept.

“If only they would call upon my name.”
Christ knew my grief and carried me,
So one day I would live with him in eternity.
I knocked and…to the door he came.
I understand why Jesus wept.

The happiness he feels as we enter the kingdom he rules
The spirit melts my hard heart,
And tells me the atonement is where to start.
“And now, behold my joy is full.”
I understand why Jesus wept.


Poem of Jerusalem

28 Nov

I wrote this poem during a musical fireside.

Lord, I am living in the land where you once lived.
—I am standing where you stood;
I am wandering the paths you walked,
Though I cannot hear your voice teaching on the temple mount,
I can hear the testimonies of your pupils.
I cannot feel you in these erected holy places,
But I feel you in sweet hymns that lullaby my heart.
I cannot see you in the icons of lavish churches,
But I see you in the faces that surround me.
I cannot touch your pierced hands and feet now,
But your mercy touches and pierces my soul.
I will not taste the slightest of thy burdens
But you have tasted the bitterness of mine.
I cannot comprehend your tender mercies,
But I know you comprehend the paths I’ll walk.
I cannot forget you, not here, or anywhere.

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