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Culture: Romanian ardei umpluti

9 Sep

With my new job this year as an advisor at Stowaway Magazine, my mind has definitely been focused on culture and traveling (more so than usual..). With friends home from their international missions, I’m lucky and get to eat some pretty delicious, traditional dishes from other countries. Fast forward: I’m making new posts about culture and food. Because life would be boring and tasteless without them.

Romanian ardei umpluti

So, what is Romanian ardei umpluti? Stuffed peppers. (Ardei umpluti sounds a lot cooler.) As part of a dinner tradition with Tyler Vogelsberg (my partner in cooking crime each week), he showed me how to make this dish. Because some ingredients were unique to Romania, he improvised a little and put his own twist on it. Enter: ingredients.

1 pkg ground turkey

1 pkg Romanian seasonings

5 green bell peppers

1 C. rice

1 C. onions

2 cans of tomato sauce

Seasoned salt and pepper to taste


The tomato sauce makes a delicious hot broth.

This is a great dish for the fall and winter. Keeps you warm.  For all my fellow people who hate cold weather as well, this will console your spirit and remind you of what warm summer days felt like. For those that live in perpetual summer climates: I hate you.

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