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Waffles: the new craze

5 Oct

Cupcakes now have a competitor in the ring. Enter: waffles. Having dominated the dessert market in the U.S. for the past several years, cupcakes have met an unlikely and recent contender for the title.

Waffle shops are popping up across the country, including Utah. Places like Bruges Waffles in Salt Lake City are famous for their waffles and frites (and have been spotlighted on several food and travel shows).

This new food fad hasn’t neglected Provo, UT either. The Awful Waffle shop is a restaurant set up just south of BYU’s campus offering waffles and crepes.

What makes waffles so special? They’re new and different and a much better meal than a cupcake. So, find your own local shop.

[The above slideshow was a multimedia arts & entertainment project for The Daily Universe’s website.]

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