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12 Sep

10 years ago something horrific happened to our country, our people and our mindset. People said America would be forever changed because of 9/11 and it has.

American flags line the area of Wall Street in lower Manhattan in the summer of 2011.

Having lived in New York City this summer, the feelings surrounding this anniversary are a little more dear and close to me.  No, I didn’t have to suffer the loss of family or friends in the attacks. But I have friends who survived them and live with the horror every day. But NYC is a strong, resilient city. New Yorkers are tough with unyielding will, the will to survive. And because of this tragedy we are all a little more compassionate. A little more united. And hopefully this “will to survive” will transform into a will to live. Fully. Happily. Fearlessly.

10 years ago I was sitting on the gym floor at Staley Middle School in Dallas, TX. As a 12 year old, I listened to the announcement over the school intercom. The World Trade Center had been hit. Everyone seemed crushed. Scared. Did I truly understand what had happened? No. Did I wonder why my parents didn’t take me out of school like many others? Maybe.

The rest of the evening was spent entranced by the TV, replaying clips of the planes diving into the buildings. Over and over and over again. Until my head throbbed with physical pain.

While our troops are some of the only ones that suffer physical pain now, I hope we can all remember, not only on 9/11 but every day, how blessed we are to live in the United States of America. A land of freedom. Be grateful for this nation.

So, I issue a challenge. For myself and every person: Be concerned to share your thoughts and vote, in appreciation for our freedom.

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